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Here are the Best Ways to Lose Weight This Summer

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You may be wondering what the best way to lose weight in the summer is. It is easy to become tempted by the temptation to eat too much, over-exercise, and eat oily or fried foods. These are not good ways to lose weight this summer. Instead, you can follow these tips: Keep hydrated, avoid sugary or fried foods, and get active. Eat mindfully, too! We've all been there!

Keep well-hydrated

It is vital to be hydrated in hot, humid summer months. Watermelon is 91% water, and it also contains a lot of lycopene which protects skin from sun damage. Watermelon is great for any time of the day. Apples, meanwhile, are full of water, fiber, and iron. Pineapples are rich in enzymes, which can be used to treat skin conditions as well as having anti-fungal or antibacterial properties.

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Avoid oily, fried and sugary foods

During the summer, fresh vegetables and fruits are at their peak. You can ditch ice cream and burgers in favor of healthier options that are more healthy for your waist. You can substitute these summer staples for salads, steamed vegetables and frozen yoghurt. Similar to the above, you can replace ice cream with fruit-based salads. Even greasy dishes can be replaced with salads or steam vegetables.


Even though you may not be inclined to exercise during the summer months, it is important for weight loss. Outdoor exercise is not recommended due to the heat. Instead, opt for indoor exercises. Indoor exercise allows you to take in the fresh air without worrying about the heat. You will also not feel the stiffness of outdoor workouts.

Mindful eating

Summer is primetime to lose weight. A mindful eating plan can help. You can gain weight by eating too many healthy foods. Mindfulness will help to control your portion sizes. Mindful eating helps you be aware of when you feel hungry, and to eat less. Mindful eating can also help you create a caloric deficit which can help you lose a few extra pounds.

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Avoid mindless snacking

Although snacks are vital for maintaining a healthy blood sugar and a stable mood in general, it can also be harmful to your diet if you eat mindlessly. Studies show that snacks can increase the chance of overeating by 25% or more. Limit your snack choices or limit the number of different foods that you have. This will prevent mindless snacking. To avoid mindless snacking, you can place your snacks away from eye-level. According to the American Marketing Association, people who see the packaging for packaged snacks and foods are more likely to eat them.


Is there any side effect to intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting has no known side effects. However, if you don't plan properly, you might experience some minor issues.

You might feel irritable if you skip breakfast. You might also experience headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and muscle cramps.

These symptoms are usually gone within a few days.

What is the best type of exercise for busy people to do?

It is best to exercise at home. You do not need to join a gym. You can do simple exercises at-home without having to purchase expensive equipment.

All you need is a pair dumbbells, mat, chair, and a timer.

Consistency is the most important thing. It is possible to lose your motivation if you miss a few days.

It is a great way to get started would be to lift weights three times per semaine. You could do push-ups and pull-ups as well as squats, lunges or push-ups.

Once you have mastered these basic movements, you can move on other types of exercises such as running, jumping rope, skipping, yoga, Pilates, dancing, cycling, swimming, weight training, tennis, golf, hiking, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, badminton, squash, etc.

Make sure you choose the right exercise program for your needs. If you work long hours, you may want to avoid exercise programs that consume too much energy.

If you are a night owl you should exercise during the evening instead of in the early morning.

Listen to your body, and don't stop when you feel tired.

How long should I do Intermittent fasting to lose weight?

It is not as easy as you think. For optimal fat loss, you need to take into account many factors. These are:

  1. Your age. Your age. Intermittent fasting is more difficult for younger people under 40. You have less time to recover each day from fasting. Alternately, if your age is over 60, intermittent fasting might prove too challenging because you may not have enough energy to last for extended periods of time.
  2. Your current body composition. Your current body composition. If you have a lot more muscle mass than you need, then you will likely be more successful with longer fasting periods. Shorter fasting might be more appropriate for you if you have less muscle mass.
  3. How physically active. You may need to increase your fasting time if you exercise often. This will ensure you get enough rest between workouts.
  4. Your health history. Extra fasting may be necessary for people who have heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or other medical conditions.
  5. How do stress and anxiety affect you? Stress can cause us to eat more. You may need to extend your fasting times in order to avoid this problem.
  6. Your diet. Certain diets, like ketogenic diets, may require even longer fasting periods.
  7. Your sleep quality. The quality of your sleep is also a factor in increased appetite and decreased metabolism. Therefore, it may take some experimentation before determining what works best for you.
  8. Your daily intake of protein. A higher intake of protein may result in lower blood sugar levels. This would allow you be more consistent in your fasting.
  9. Individuals who are trying lose or gain weight will require longer fasting times than those who are trying.
  10. What proportion of calories do your fasting hours allow you to consume? You might lose more fat if your daily calories are lower than those you consume.
  11. Your overall fitness. People who are fit and fast burn more calories per day.
  12. Your gender. Men are more hungry than women so they may have to fast for longer periods. Women tend to have smaller appetites so they might only need to fast for 20-30 minutes each morning.
  13. Your lifestyle. Are you someone who gets plenty of physical activity? Do you workout several times each week? Does your job involve sitting at a desk all day long? These factors could affect how much you should fast.
  14. How much money do your spend on food every day? You don't have to spend much on groceries to eat healthy food. Whole grains can be substituted for white bread, whole fruits can be purchased instead of candy bars and lean meats over fatty cuts.
  15. It's important to manage your hunger. If you don't want to skip meals, you might not need to fast as long as other people do.


  • Another study found that 24 weeks of weight training led to a 9% increase in metabolic rate among men, which equated to burning approximately 140 more calories per day. (healthline.com)
  • It's estimated that half of all American adults attempt to lose weight every year (1Trusted (healthline.com)
  • According to Harvard Health, it's estimated that a 155-pound (70-kg) person burns around 167 calories per 30 minutes of walking at a moderate pace of 4 mph (6.4 km/h) (5). (healthline.com)
  • One 6-month study showed that simply doing 11 minutes of strength-based exercises 3 times per week resulted in a 7.4% increase in metabolic rate, on average. (healthline.com)

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How to exercise to lose weight

It is one of best ways to lose weight. Many people do not know how they should exercise. Cardio exercises include walking, running, swimming and cycling. Strength training should also be included such as lifting weights, doing pushups, pullups, squats, lunges etc. Combining these types of exercises is the best way to lose weight. Find friends who are open to joining you on your exercise journey. You can go to a gym, or you can just take a walk around the neighborhood. Whatever type of activity you choose, make sure that you stick with it consistently. It's easy for things to go wrong when you start exercising. Keep at it!


Here are the Best Ways to Lose Weight This Summer